I.V.R. is a Bulgarian music project founded in the middle of 2014 in the city of Plovdiv. The abbreviation I.V.R. stands for the name of its founder Ivan Valkov Rusev, who is the producer, lead vocalist and bass guitar player. 

Ivan Valkov Rusev was born on September 1st, 1978 in Plovdiv. His primary job and profession is as an engineer in medical physics in the University Hospital St. George, one of the biggest hospitals in the Balkans.  

Influenced by Queen and Metallica, his passion for music started in the early 90-s, when he joined the band Explorer in Plovdiv, and in 1995 the band released their first album – Isn’t there anybody to save this world. Eventually, the band split up in 1997, but he continued playing bass guitar in different bands. Indigga, New Faces, Zuum, and The Doctors are some of the bands he played in. In 2014 he went on a solo career and at the end of the same year released his debut album Soul Confession. The album was recorded in the studio of his friend and future co-producer Vasil Valchev in Plovdiv.

Vasil Valchev suggested their future music productions are named I.V.R. Thus, the project’s name was chosen, which later Rusev registered as IVR PROJECT Ltd production company.

Vasil Todorov Valchev was born on December 1st, 1979 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He is an audio engineer for local radio stations.

Each song or album features guest musicians, as the concept of the producer Ivan Rusev.

IVR released its first album Soul Confession in January 2015. The album was recorded and mixed in their own recording studio F1 Sound Records and was professionally mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering CA, USA.

This is a remastered piece with rearrangements by I. Rusev from his first album from 1995 with the band Explorer. For it, Rusev invited musicians for the drums and solo parts of the album, and he himself played the rhythm guitar, the bass, and the vocals.  

Subsequently, Rusev and Valchev decided to change direction and their second album was produced and released. The name of the album is The 8th day, and was recorded and mixed in F1 Sound Records Studio – Plovdiv by Vasil Valchev, and mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering CA, USA.

The lyrics are written by Diana Komitova and Ivan Rusev, the arrangements are by Vasil Valchev, Diana Komitova, and Ivan Rusev, and Ivan Rusev created the unique design of the disc made from oxidized aluminum with steel bolts. The musicians I. Marinov and I. Stoyanov played on the album too.

The album was released on the music market and platforms in 2019 under the label I.V.R. Project. Later a new drummer, Ivan Petkov, joined the project. He was introduced for the first time in the video of the song Stusk on replay. In 2022 I.V.R. Project recorded two cover versions with accompanying videos with him. 

In 2023 the producer I. Rusev plans to release three original songs with accompanying videos that would reveal the new direction of the forthcoming album in progress.