I.V.R. is a musical project started in the mid 2014 in Bulgaria

I.V.R. is a Bulgarian rock project started in the mid 2014 in Plovdiv.

I.V.R. stands for Ivan Valkov Rusev, who is the creator of this awesome project. He is the producer, the vocal and the bass guitar in this “band”. Also he is behind the lyrics and the arrangement of the tracks.

Ivan Valkov Rusev is born on 1st September 1978 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His main day-job is as an engineer in one of the largest hospitals in the Balkans. He maintains the technical condition of the medical equipment.

Inspired by Queen, his passion for music started in the early 90s when he started to play in various bands over the years. This slowly started to grow over time and in the end of 2014 he released his debut album – Soul Confession.

There is another main member of this project, who is both co-producer and rhythm guitar. His name is Vasil Todorov Valchev born on 1st December 1979 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The other members are guest musicians and they vary for each track and album.

I.V.R. has released its first album in January 2015 called “Soul Confession”, which is recorded and mixed in I.V.R.’s own recording studio – F1 Sound Records. The album is professionally mastered by Colin Davis from Imperial Mastering CA, USA.

The second album is called The 8th day and it’s an album wandering between the darkest and the brightest human secrets. Recorded and mixed in F1 Sound Records Studio – Plovdiv by Vassil Valchev and mastered by Colin Davis in Imperial Mastering, CA, USA! The lyrics are written by Diana Komitova and the unique disc design, made out of oxidized aluminum with steel bolts, is created by Ivan Rusev.

Ivan Valkov Rusev

Vasil Valchev